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14 July 2011 @ 08:08 pm
So I've been listening to a lot of meatloaf lately. That and Donovan is all I've listened to for the past like month. It's great. It's great, it's excellent! But anyway, tonight is the Harry Potter premiere by golly and I really hope it's as good as the first Deathly Hallows movie! That one was so incredible but the rest of them were so awful! I hated Order of The Phoenix the most that whole movie was just one giant montage! And that flashback! Ugh! But the first part of the Deathly Hallows was amazing it was the best Potter movie ever! I am in LOVE with Lucius Malfoy. I wanted to buy his pimp cane at Hot Topic but it was $180 and gee wilikers that's a lot of money! I would also like to pet his luscious mane of liquid platinum ~swoon~ I wonder if he'd let me brush it....! If only.....I really hate movie Lupin. He's just some lame dowdy librarian guy and totally doesn't live up to book Lupin. But I'll still be sad to see his bloody corpse in the Great Hall at the end of the movie. I am really into Game Of Thrones right now, it's excellent! I first saw the show so I OF COURSE had to get all the books from the library. I am also painting a landscape on my new easel I did a blue underpainting and mom thought that it was just going to all blue and told me I should add color. True story! I told her I would once the underpainting was finished. Gosh they don't get my art. No one understands me. Except my nudey pants models. They get what it's like to feel naked in front of a bunch of people. So vulnerable, so....exposed....not counting the one time I accidentally exposed myself to Becca and Cassie...true story. I don't button my shirts. Only one button is good enough for me. But hey if they don't like than by golly that's their problem because I wouldn't have gotten my job at Hooters if I wasn't so well endowed! They pay really well and if you got it flaunt it biatch. So I must be bidding you farewell now. That butterbeer isn't going to drink itself. Tootles~!
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21 January 2011 @ 02:07 pm
Just found out PRISCILLA Queen of the Desert is coming to Broadway and boy do I want to go. But! But! I don't have that kind of spending money (the Pogues come first!). Why can't I get these tickets on discount at school? Why must they go for the serious stuff all the time? Woe...
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22 December 2010 @ 09:08 am
Again, probably old news but the Dark Tower movie?? Actually happening??? Say again? 2013? Yes, I said it--2013 directed by RON HOWARD (Cocoon was his last cool movie) and written by AKIVA GOLDSMITH. Y'all know Akiva Goldsmith, right? Writer of such screenwriting gems as The DaVinci Code, Cinderella Man, Practical Magic and Batman & Robin. Yes, "We'll kill her later. We've got work to do!/ I hate to disappoint you but my rubber lips are immune to your charms!/We have to re-direct the rays of the sun!!" Batman & Robin. In other words, super capable hands.

Next thing you know Russell Crowe is going to be playing Roland. Just wait.

Normally I would think this project would fall through like all the others (Stephen King wanting Peter Jackson, the internet wanting Frank Darabont, JJ Abrams--who King actually sold the rights to for $19, which is too awesome). But I don't know, Ron Howard churns 'em out so quickly I'll really be shocked if this doesn't happen.

The only thing that could make it worse is if they were making a TV show and ha ha! they are. On NBC no less! A network with a stellar track record! Anyway, They're making the first book into a movie. Then the tv series will "bridge" to the second movie and then (here the article gets a little grammatically fuzzy) the series will be everything up to a movie of book seven. Something like that. It's ambitious and strange and how the feck is it supposed to work? All the movie actors aren't just going to hop over to TV, are they? Neither are the writers and directors. So, two actors for every character, tons of writers hacking away at it, and countless directors? Where's the continuity? Help, please.

Especially with the casting of Roland to deal with (which the whole thing kinds of hinges on) I don't know how this approach is going to work. And let's talk casting shall we? Some names bandied about have been, of course, Hugh Jackman (since everybody's dream is Clint Eastwood and they look the same--for real, watch The Beguiled and then find of picture of a shaved Hugh Jackman and tell me it's not weird) and Viggo Mortnensen. Both very cool and, I think, solid options...but I hate when an actor gets cast in more than one iconic adaption role and HJ and VM both have Wolverine and Aragorn under their belts, respectively.
More recently I've heard Jon Hamm and Daniel Craig. Both very intriguing. And Daniel Craig's got the eyes. But will I be able to look past Don Draper? James Bond I don't care so much about but I haven't seen Daniel Craig in enough movies to have much of an opinion anyway. Actually, I saw Layer Cake. I remember shirtlessness and then...nothing...nothing else happened in that movie.

Anyway, this is getting too long and I have other things to do. I'll complain more as the date gets closer and more news comes around the bend.  I know you can't wait!


/end rant
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19 December 2010 @ 06:24 pm
I just found out Captain Beefheart died two days ago. Shell is disproportionately sad for man she knows nothing about and must share it. Tacky way of doing it? Maybe a little. Still sad, however. My frowny face can't be transmitted but it's there.

The man will be missed.
13 December 2010 @ 08:57 am
I get up at five today to make my eight o'clock class at school. I thought I had another week of this class, but today is the last one. ALL I DID WAS PICK UP MY PORTFOLIO AND LEAVE. That class is supposed to be four feckin' hours long and I left after five minutes. My next class is at THREE. What am I supposed to do for six hours??? What?

I didn't even bring my computer so I can't fiddle around on that--I can't hog the school computer forever, you see, (plus I don't like the posh FIT kids watchin' me cruise around livejournal) I can feel the judgement rays!

I do have to write an essay and I can read the Monty Clift biography I've finally gotten my grimy little paws on but...six hours? Six hours? I could go somewhere but what does that mean? Spending money? My cash flow isn't exactly stellar. Play video games in the game room. I guess, some refugees from my class will probably be there but...bleh...

Next up is the POGUES ARE PLAYING TERMINAL FIVE! I flailed wildly for about five minutes when I heard about this and it took ten for my face to return to its normal only-slightly-red color from the sunburn red color of pure jubilation. I was a little suspect at first that Shane would not be with them but it seems he'll be there (yesss) as this seems to be a sort of reunited/farewell tour. Sort of. Hopefully not. I never get a chance to see my favorite bands because none of them tour that often (One more, Tom Waits, just one more!). So I have to go to this. Cost is not an object! (and I mean that cause tickets are around sixty-five bucks). I'm a bit afraid to go alone because of the boozy Pogues fans who will inevitably show up but...I don't know if I know anyone who listens to the Pogues enough to dish out the big bucks.

To end--is it so wrong to get into One Piece again? Am I too old for it? After I finished Clea I had nothing to read so I dusted off one of the old suckers and remembered how much I love it. And it still hasn't ended! I just have to get through, like, five hundred chapters to catch up. Also realized One Piece really inspired my love for crazy angles and weird perspectives when I draw. Oh, childhood!
The online translation really suck though. Vivi's name is Bebe and the Devil Fruits is Evil Fruit and some of the sentences just...don't make a lot of sense at all and just sound a lot corny-er then they're probably supposed to. But I continue.
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03 December 2010 @ 11:54 am
Oh my gosh! Look! I'm posting on this thing! After how many months? I don't think I've touched it since school started. But that's ending now. Yes, I have just about almost completed my first semester of college! It felt fast. And was brutally racked by failure! See below.

I discovered that I lost the t-shirt contest design I entered...to someone in my class no less! (jealous) It bruises only because I actually liked my submissons and I refuse to believe they're not hip and fashion-y even though they aren't. That's what you get for pretending you know something about fashion! 
I also lost the Ayn Rand Essay Contest which i knew was coming but to actually hear it is sort of depressing. They, at least, are sending my a complementary free book (which I at first though was some sort of Objectivst test and accepting it would make them think I was a "moocher" in the lexicon--I ended up picking We the Living cause I find Ayn Rand's prose melodramatically awesome). Toy R Us also sent my a very short and matter of fact email that they weren't going to give me the time of day.

And now the topper:
While (I think) I'm drawing better something about going day in and day out to draw a model has all but obliterated the small amount of creativity I once had. I have not done a single piece besides school projects for months. I blame my teachers. They've terrified me into thinking I need a models and references to draw ANYTHING. Which, y'know, you kinda do but not to the point were you can't even draw a line on your own! I still haven't reconciled myself with the idea of drawing from pictures either which is what I was explicitly asked NOT TO DO all through high school. I just hope I'm able to think again. PLEASE COME BACK MY MIND I MISS YOU. Maybe I've transferred too much energy into my Creative Non-Fiction class?

But I'll move one before I go too far into how sad I'll be to see that class go. If only my Creative Non teacher's film class next semster wasn't an evening class! I'd be on that like...I have no idea, actually, insert your own metaphor.

On the train yesterday I saw a guy walking along the tracks with a backpack, jeans and even smoking a cigarette. A worker? Probably. But my romantic mind chooses to believe I just saw a hobo making his way to New York City. Which is so ridiculous I'm almost too ashamed to write it. Oh well.

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10 August 2010 @ 10:29 pm
I never had an icon post, this is terribly exciting. Usually I'm not cut out for that crazy photoshop thing but one boring mad men episode and a loooong night spurred something creative in me...y'know beyond the usual stuff.
I don't particularly like making icons though (no good at it) that's why there's such a pittance now. I meant to make more! But, well, I tire easily. I was sorta of proud of these, but I think I over did it with the Sharpen on a couple...

Mad Men and Christina Hendricks and Pillars of the Earth because I'm a nerd like that
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26 July 2010 @ 01:23 am
Can I say I kinda hated this episode? Because I did. I mean everything's fine and dandy in the beginning--Don's still being cryptic and mysterious, Roger is still inappropriate, Pete is still an ass-kisser and the new office is cool but then everybody started TALKING. Peggy sounded drunk in all her scenes and just weirdly non-Peggy like. She smokes now too! I get that she's "confident" now (we know because she has new hair! again!) but that doesn't mean she has to come off as this unbusiness-like airhead who's yelling and playing stupid games with the new guy...

Plus everybody curses in front of each other now (I despise when people curse in movies/TV)  around the non-existent conference table and all the dialouge is way too modern ("it was going great...until it wasn't"). Who says that in 1964? Plus, I think every character made a reference to killing themselves in the ep, you know as a joke, but it freaked me out. And then Joan was barely in it at all! How much I like an episode is basically dependent on how much Roger and Joan is in it, and this was low on both.

Oh and then there's that ridiculous ham thing! I couldn't help thinking they chose a ham account because of Jon HAMM and I couldn't stop thinking it. I could just see Matt Weiner sitting behind the camera tittering at how clever he is. Bugged me. I should stop watching those commentaries... Those ladies fighting in the restaurant too! (the waitresses uniforms looked the same as the ones in the Seven Twenty Three coffee shop. btw) Who starts grabbing another person in a DINER? Over the top. The whole episode was weird. It felt weird. It was all over the place and weird.

First time I didn't like the end music too. Are we supposed to root for Don for lying about his image again? For being an obnoxious twat because somebody asked him to? Sure it helps the company but wasn't half the point of leaving SC and getting a divorce was so he DIDN'T have to put up a persona anymore? Am I missing something here?

Why are the only bits I like the dreadful stuff? I'm happy because the company is totally failing and Don is off his game on everything (although the ends suggest he's back in Draper-swing so nice way to NOT have a story arc this year--what exactly is going to happen this season?). I'm also ecstatic that Betty and Henry are already showing signs of trouble.  Particularly with Henry's mom and Betty's house-squatter revenge.

So at the end of the hour I have to ask myself: Do I only watch this show for the repression and the failure and the hopelessness? Why don't l like the happy/optimistic vibe? Why do I suddenly dislike Peggy for being a normal human being? Why can't I laugh at the jokes or the fact the office is like a family instead of an office now? Isn't that what I signed up for in the S3 finale?

The internet seems to like this episode--am I just a fun-shunning prude? I miss my tortured looks into space, silent mini crisis, dark secrets, cheating, anguish, unfulfillment, the general stifling society constricts. I guess it was inevitable that the show loosen up as the sixites, ahem, loosened up but I'm sad it happened so abruptly. I liked it better when everybody had some dirty horrible secret. I hope that's not gone forever. I can't say the second episode looks that good either. The whole show seems flat.

Iblame it on Robin Veith being gone this time around, she wrote all my favorite episodes. Sad
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24 July 2010 @ 11:37 pm
Confirming my annual shut-in status during summer vacations, I spent absolutely the ENTIRE DAY on the computer yesterday. I had a good reason though because I just downloaded OpenCanvas and was goofing off/trying to get it to work properly all day. The fun thing about that program (besides the pretty--which I have yet to harness) is that it makes these cool sped-up videos of your work. Like speedpaints vids on YouTube except without the effort. (I also think I am officially the only person on the internet to spell "youtube" correctly...and the streak ends...). Maybe someday when I'm no longer ashamed of what I produced I'll find a way to put a video up.

But in the way of a more tangible medium my ACTUAL  paint supplies came today (ie oils, paintbrushes etc) that all cost a little less than a hundred buckaroos. I was expecting them Tuesday so imagine my surprise! Now I'm a fairly economical shopper and I needed all that stuff but the shipping bit me in the butt...can't beat the online deals though! I still need canvas and turpentine however, and I have this painting I really wanna start. I guess during the week.

Also do to a freakish lack of good television (thank the gods Mad Men comes back tomorrow) I ended up watching the Pillars of the Earth miniseries on Friday which I only mention because I thought it was AWESOME. I have found something new to fawn over! Completely be accident! Probably all by myself too! I do love me some medieval power struggles let me tell you. Hopefully it doesn't fall into the vast and horrific depths of terrible television. Or at least let me get bored before it happens.

Hey, maybe I'll post a Mad Men review on Monday! Who am I kidding? Of course I will. I need to rave someplace.

I'll leave you with Betty Draper Rules of Parenting #306:
"Go bang your head against a wall--only boring people are bored."
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03 July 2010 @ 03:27 pm
just sort of an update on the life of me...I know you're all so interested

graduation was an, um, week ago? I don't really remember. Only totally noteworthy thing that happened was:
1.) I got ANOTHER sun burn on my face that only makes me what to get my nose biopsied even more.
2.) Cassie got me a WEDGE ANTILLES ACTION FIGURE *gasp* as a graduation present! I know you're jealous.

Summer is mostly going to be me sitting on the computer, watching TCM, or reading but hopefully I will be showing some artwork at the Summerfest this year...but knowing me something will go horrible wrong and it won't happen. Let's hope not, though. I don't have a lot of artwork though and I'm having sort of a crisis of inspiration, which has been happening with disturbing frequency this year. So far the anxiety of being complete vacant creatively is manageable, but I may soon need pills. I'll let you know.

Next week I may get a job interview at AC Moore (yeah right) and my FIT account may actually resolve itself (yeah right) since the website is (of course) down right now. Right when I need it!  I worry too much...and never called that lady about that scholarship thing. Gotta remember that...

Also, Upstate I picked up Brittany's copy of American Psycho (a leisure book picked up during my hiatus from The Idiot). Turns out I returned The Idiot to the library half-finished and tore through American Psycho in 2.1 days. That book is hilarious. A little disturbing at times, but mostly hilarious. I wanna watch the movie again, having initially disliked it, with this new book-knowledge.

Now I'm reading Clea by Lawrence Durrell. The last in the Alexandria Quartet! *sob* These books are my favorite series ever and I've been putting off reading the last one cause I don't want it to end. The entire thing is screaming for a movie adaption in my book though (forgetting that debacle with Micheal York that was so wildly deviant from the books I'm only half sure it was an adaption).

Plus, Mad Men countdown: 22 days! Parting Mad Men quote, ummmmm "Remember Don, when God closes a door he opens a dress."

ps Goldfish grahams (chocolate) are delicious. Buy them immediately.
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